LordCo Centre - Repentance Is Futile

Holy Shit

Yup, it's true. After over 5 years in the wilderness, LordCo Centre is back and ready to kick some religious ass.

For the most part, this site will be much the same as it was back in 2006 when it was turned off. It will be collection of hundreds of parody products and stores designed to mock most religious faiths. We will also be poking a stick in the eye of non-religious subjects as well (we're an equal opportunity offender). The biggest changes will be in the physical design of the site itself and in the layout of the actual parodies. Where before we used images and text on a webpage, the parodies will now be formatted as a single image similar to a magazine advertisement. While the conversion process is taking place (only about 10% of the parodies have been converted) the original formatted parodies, bad photoshopping and all, will remain.

Other features of the original LordCo Centre will also be returning, including e-nail cards, the LordBoard Forum, Confess-O-Matic and if traffic permits, the Caption Contests. There may also be some cross-over with LordCo Centre's sister site, Scamtacular, a forum and gallery devoted to our fun with scambaiting.

So, come on in and enjoy the new LordCo Centre. And as always... leave your thin skin at the door.

Come On In